domingo, 15 de abril de 2007


Thanks to this project we could know but of this idiome of an amused form but, which I facilitate the task of learning without difficulty I hope has pleased thanks to them.


The telephone conversation.

Lucy: Hello.
Beth: Hi, Lucy. it's Beth.
Lucy: Hi Beth.
Beth: Can speak to Brian please?
Lucy: Oh sorry. He's sleeping.
Beth: Mmm... you can give his a message?
Lucy: Oh, sure... what's the message?
Beth: Please ask his to call me later.
Lucy: Give me your number please.
Beth: It's 333-8794.
Lucy: Mmm... 333-8794. Ok.
Beth: Ok... Thank you.
Lucy: No problem... Bye.
Beth: Bye-Bye.


My biography.

My name is Elizabeth Zapata. I was born in 1989 in Maracaibo. In 1994, I began to study preschool. In 1996, I began elementary school. In 1997 it is member of a group of baile. In the 2001 finishes primary and comence secundaria. In the 2002 studies modelaje. In the 2004 was my celebration of 15 years q celebrates it with a great celebration. And in the 2006 begin in the university.

Bono's biography.

He name is Paul David Hewson “Bono”. He was born in Dublin the 10 of May of 1960. in 1976 was the fonder of the group U2 in Dublin. In 1999, I become jumbled in campaigns in favor of condonacion of the external debt of the third world. On 2002, I found one organization called DATA whose objective is to alert on the impagable debts that it maintains the continent, transmission of AIDS, others. In the 2005 compromised with massive concerts organized by Bob Geldof (live 8). In the 2006 they emphasize it’s consecutive nominations to the Nobel prize of La Paz. In the 2006, horseman of the order of the British empire was named, announced the 23 of December of this year.


In this unit we spoke of as it were our weekend and that we did those days we made a composition.

I had a good weekend. On Friday nigth invited my friend Gaby to my house. On Saturday morning clran the house. On Saturday evening visit my friens. On Saturday night went to the party.
On Sunday selpt all morning adn visit my family.


In this unit we learned like explaining the direction of a place and like arriving at her.

Gaby is going to the supermarket.
  • Go up Delicias Av. to 3 st. It’s on the comer of Delicias Av. and 3 st. , next to fire station, across from the hospital.

Pablo is going to the pharmacy.

  • Walk down delicias Av. walk for 3 st. It’s behind the hospital, across from the 3 st and fire station.

Manuel is going to the barbershop.
  • Go up delicias Av for two blocks. It’s across from the Av, between the department store and gym.

Ivette is going to the park.

  • Go up delicias Av. for one blocks. It’s next to coffee shop, across from the Av and bakery.

Elizabeth is going to the bank
  • Walk down delicias Av to 1 st. turn right at 1 st. it’s across from 1 st, next to gym and behind department store.


In this unit we studied about the diseases and of as we felt we made one dramatizacion.

1. Gaby is sitting in the room because she feels bad, Gaby’s sister Eli enters in the room she sees her bad and asks her.

ELI: what's the matter?
GAB: I have stomachache.....

ELI: You ate something that made you damage in the stomach?
GAB: No, just a cake.
Eli: Mm. that seems to be the problem, what if we going to the doctor so he can examine you.
GAB: OK, that’s great.


A: Good morning, W.V Doctor's office.
ELI: Good morning, I want to request an appointment.
A: OK. Name of the patient please?
ELI: Gabriela Campos, she's my sister.
A: OK. good, the doctor can receive you at 2:30 P.M.


ELI AND GAB: Good afternoon.
A: Good afternoon.
ELI: I call for an appointment to my sister Gabriela Campos.
A: Mmm, will review. AH Gabriela Campos.
A: Wait a moment please, you can seat
ELI AND GAB: OK. Thanks.
A: READY! You can enter.


DR.W: Good afternoon. You can enter.
GAB: Thanks doctor.
DR: How do you feel today?
GAB: I feel terrible doctor.
DR.W: What's the matter?
GAB: I have stomachache …
DR.W: Have you evacuated?
GAB: Yes doctor, seven times.
DR.W: please, can you lie down in the stretcher to examine you?
DR.W: you arm please. One hundred twenty eight mm. Good pulse seventy. Breathing, sixteen per minute
DR.W: you have colitis.
DR.W: ok…take a pill of liolactil and buscapina compositum every twelve hours.
GAB: 0K… I will doctor.
DR.W: READY! That’s everything
ELI AND GABY: thank you very much doctor.
DR.W: Always to your services.


In this unit we studied on the months of the year and about important dates we made a composition on a festividad.

My name is Elizabeth. My date favorite is September eighteen, because my birthday.

My favorite month is December, because it’s Chrismas.


Carnival on Venezuelan:

Carnival takes place during the month of February, forty days beforeGood Friday, but has no fixed date because Easter is a floating holiday.Carnival has existed in Venezuela since the colonial period, and wasmuch celebrated in Caracas. Today, however, Carnival has lost itsimportance in the major cities, and is taken more seriously in thecoastal towns, and other provinces, especially in El Callao.El Callao was founded in 1853 with the name of Caratal. It is a town ofmulticultural history, where many Europeans would try their luck intheir search of gold and other vast riches this area offered. It wasthe mixture of Englishmen, Americans and Frenchmen, and their cultures.that brought as a consequence the version of Carnival that iscelebrated in this town. Carnival became a moment in which people couldforget their racial, social and herichal differences.